the comedy cellar nyc

Such a beautiful stage

So I just got back from a trip to New York and I went to my favorite place in the world the Comedy Cellar. Now when I say favorite place in the world what I really mean is my most favoritest fucking place in the world. Seriously, this place is my Disneyland… I would turn down titty fucking Pam Anderson to go see a show at the Cellar.

comedy cellar nyc

Best club in the world.


It’s funny that when I lived in the city and was just starting out with comedy, I never went to a show there. Not that I didn’t want to, I was just working full time and I was still nervous to venture into any part of the city that I haven’t been to before (and by that I mean I’m a pussy). What was sad is that my favorite open mic that I went to every week is at The Village Lantern on Bleeker, which if you know anything about NYC comedy or geography, you’d know that the Lantern is literally a block away from the Comedy Cellar. So now I know that not only am I a pussy, but a stupid pussy.

Pizza place from Louie

This fan picture made me so happy. For all the Louie fans.

It was such a great show–Keith Robinson did an amazing job emceeing…We sat in the front row (stage right) and we were part of the initial crowd warm up. Keith said I had a foreign head and asked where I was from… I told him I was from Montana. Everyone laughs. Never thought “I’m from Montana” could ever work as a punchline, but now I guess I get why people do ethnic humor–because it’s easy! **COUGH** Dat Phan.

Anyways, Sherrod Small and Robert Kelly absolutely killed, and I got to see Aziz Ansari building his new special. Some topics he hit on were about all his friends having babies and dealing with D-bags. It ought to be a great special.

And the best part of the night was that I was able to talk to Robert Kelly after the show. Not only is this a guy I look up to, but he also plays Louis CK’s brother on my favorite show Louie. Told him that the comedy scene in NC was rough and he told me what I had always suspected but never really knew. That starting out in comedy sucks everywhere. Told me about how when he started out he signed up for the Boston Catch a Rising Star 6 months in advance… he said the emcees were alternative comic assholes that treated new people like shit. He said the emcee told him that he had to keep his family down, so he had to go tell his aunt not to laugh loud because it would disturb the show. He then made a great point: “Starting out in comedy is shit everywhere. That’s your motivation to get better. Cause you are wading in shit. The only way to get out of the shit is to get better. Eventually, everyone who deserves to be a comic will escape the shit.”

Thanks Robert Kelly for the pic and for being cool to a new guy like me.

robert kelly at the comedy cellar

Me and Robert Kelly outside the Comedy Cellar